There are many reasons to BUY LOCAL we have listed a few for you to think about.

  • Taste & freshness
  • Travels less miles
  • Uses less pacakaging
  • Traceable

Fruit & Veg

Most importantly local food tastes better!. This is generally because it doesn’t have to travel and in many cases has been freshly picked or produced.

Local food is greener!  Not just in colour… what it means is that with less distance to travel the product is better for the community by conserving energy that is usually used in transportation.

On the whole, local food uses less packaging. Buying produce from a farmers market or from a farm itself often means less packaging.

By buying local food you are supporting local farmers and producers.   Kent has a diverse range of products and produce and we have been known as ‘The Garden of England’ for a good reason – we have a wonderful natural larder and our farmers now how to produce some of the best tasting food in the world!

By buying local you actually get to meet the people who produce your food.  Buying in supermarkets is convenient but faceless.  You can ask questions, explore growing and producing methods and have an insight into the farm to fork process.

Local food is about the future. Supporting local farms today helps keep those farms in your community, ensuring that your children and grandchildren have access to nourishing, flavourful and abundant food.

There are many reasons why buying local is a good thing and the Kent Food App is completely FREE to download. this link will take you to the iphone app store.  The app lists in excess of 400 producers, markets and restaurants that have fresh, local products and produce.